Study: Severe symptoms we ignore indicate the incidence of brain cancer


LONDON (Reuters) – Women may experience some brain cancer symptoms in their daily lives without realizing they are an indicator of the disease, a new British study has found, which is characterized by an unusual tendency to sleep, a constant feeling of exhaustion. While the study showed that most patients did not visit the doctor until after the suspected stroke or dementia.

The newspaper "PLOS One" published a study of the University "Kinks College" British symptoms of people ignored by the attention, while it is evidence of brain cancer.

The team, which prepared the study, published the problems their patients complained about, without revealing the names, but only the gender and age group, noting that the injured had not paid much attention to the symptoms.

According to the paper, a 50-year-old woman with brain cancer says she began to tend to sleep uncommonly, noting that once she felt that her tongue stammered and did not obey her during the speech, and that this situation lasted about a minute. Another 40-year-old woman said that before she discovered that she had cancer, she was always tired, but she thought the problem was not her, but her nature.

In the same context, another woman explained that before she became aware of her illness, she sometimes found things, and it seemed to her that she had seen these things known as deja-vu in medicine and psychology. She was surprised by these things, but did not think about going to the doctor.

The study showed that most patients did not visit the doctor until they were suspected of having a stroke or dementia.


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