Solomon of Shanghai: Lebanon is a gateway to Arab countries Cooperation with China rises to strategic partnership


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4 hours on April 16, 2019
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April 16, 2019 / 19:14

Former Lebanese President Michel Sleiman attended the second session of the China Forum on China's Reform and Development in Shanghai and delivered a keynote speech at the opening session in which he spoke about shared development and prosperity under the title "Sharing the Road and the Road" , an extraordinary initiative launched by former Chinese President Shi. Jin Ping 2013 ".

"This initiative links the strategic, developmental and economic policies of all countries to the ancient Silk Road launched by the Chinese ancestors. The ancient Lebanese (Phoenicians) also launched the first written alphabet of history and the purple industry they discovered in 1400 BC, On the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek islands, southern France and the Maghreb to the Arabian Peninsula and India. They were known as the greatest trading power of the ancient world when they arrived here and brought Chinese silk and their products to all the countries of the world ".

"Lebanon is proud today of its children who are deployed in several continents of the world, where they assume great responsibilities and occupy a prominent place in the world of commerce, industry and politics." They can make Lebanon a productive gateway to these countries, and their geographical location and the relationship between the Lebanese people and Syria make it a natural logistical platform for the reconstruction of Syria after the adoption of a political solution to their problem " , he said.

"Given the importance of this initiative to Lebanon, which is one of China's largest trading partners, and to attract and exchange Sino-Lebanese investments, we begin to follow the road map:

– Establishment of the Confucius Institute, the largest in the Eastern Mediterranean.

– Rehabilitation of the port of Tripoli and the conclusion of trade agreements in Bekaa and the eastern border adjacent to Syria by Chinese companies.

– Establishment of the Arab-Chinese Arbitration Center in Beirut and the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Lebanese Ministry of Industry and the delegation of the Chinese National Council for the Promotion of International Trade led by Ms. Gao Yan.

– Organization of the China-Lebanon Investment Forum in Beirut earlier this month in cooperation with the Fransabank Group and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

– Improve and develop relations between the two countries in all social, commercial and cultural fields.

– Restore the role of Lebanon as a regional center for trade, transport, tourism and art. "

He added: "At the regional level, we are meeting in this forum for the success of this project and the implementation of economic reforms in the Arab countries whose economies have declined in recent years because of the wars and social changes that have occurred beyond the economic recession and financial crises that have hit most of the world since 2009. " .

"After Arab-Chinese relations are rooted in geographical roots and China's economy is one of the most important in the world, Sino-Arab cooperation is of the utmost importance and rises to the level of strategic partnership in the light of geopolitical and developmental transformations of information and communication technologies. " Digital Revolution ".

"Investment in the Arab world is a glorious investment because it is a huge market that has enormous potential," he said. "The People's Republic of China is a country that is friendly to the Arab world and today is the opportunity to consolidate Arab-Chinese relations." Reform and equitable development of all peoples and job creation for the national workforce and Arab youth. "

"The main functions of all governments in the world are focused on 3D: development, democracy and dialogue. Dialogue promotes opportunities for peace and good governance, and liberal democracy expands," President Suleiman told the forum participants. The development and circulation of all sectors.Cooperation and partnership with the world's second largest economy, China's economy, in building the "road and belt" is in the interest of the human being in Lebanon, the Arab world, China and other countries with the policy of serving the economy and improving living conditions and Yassin made the economy in the political interests of states and governments serve outside their borders or political service. "


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