"Snooze" blocks "Instant"


According to media reports, the new version of Watsab will see the disappearance of the "screen capture" feature, or as many people call it "screen capture."

According to the same reports, the trial version of the application for Android smartphones will prevent users from taking a picture of the application containing the conversations.

The new feature is still being developed by the company responsible for implementing Watsab.

He did not say which mechanism the app would take to avoid taking pictures of the conversation screen, but he said the user will have to make the new feature, and then the phone can not take a screenshot.

Many believe adding this feature can irritate many users who use it often.

The Watsab application, which is used by 1.3 billion people per month, has recently added many features that increase user safety, such as the adoption of application blocking and open fingerprint, as well as the adoption of eye exams.

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