Series Artagirl 144 season V and the frequency of the transmitting channels


We publish everything ArtGirl The story of Artegrel is one of the famous Turkish series, and the events of Ertgrel on before the beginning of the Ottoman Empire, and it is noteworthy that the series began its presentation four years until reaching the season of Artgrl 144 and saw this work fame and a great success over the five parts But it will end Part In the month of May, start immediately after the Osman resurrection series, which revolves around the beginning of the Ottoman Empire.

The fifth season

Is displayed The fifth season Exclusively on Turkey's TRT channel, which has the right to broadcast the series, and will be shown at 8:00 PM EST, 9:00 AM (New York time) and 10 AM in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to having the right to transmit on the Internet. On the TRT site, two hours of light and translated into Arabic.


The frequency of transport channels for Artegrel 144

  • Yarmouk channel frequency: 11678, Nilesat satellite, encoding rate 27500.
  • East Frequency Channel: 12604-11137, NileSat satellite, coding rate of 27500.
  • TTR frequency: 11054, Türksat 42 ° E satellite.
  • Frequency Channel Call: 10727, Nilesat Satellite, 27500 coding rate.

ArtGirl 144 First Advertisement

The first announcement of Ertgirl 144 shows many interesting events and events where Pamesy and his son are in the hands of Dargus who intends to kill them, but leader Artegrel comes to join them and arrests Dragus and then fries him in the cell.

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