Prices in foreign currency rise against the Sudanese pound Tuesday, 07 May 2019 On the "black market" Update the price of the dollar against the pound .. General monitoring of the parallel market price now


We now follow prices in Sudan and move the dollar today in Sudan, Follow the dollar pricing page on FacebookAnd we follow Arab and foreign exchange rates against the Sudanese pound On Tuesday 7-05-2019, in the parallel market transactions, and through instant checks, amid the situation of price stability in the Central Bank, and monitor the price of the dollar and the price of the euro and the pound sterling and all domestic and global prices, continue the article and put it in your favorites to know more 2

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The customs authority in Sudan proposed revising the value of the customs dollar and reducing it in the next budget of 2019. Importers welcomed this idea after it was lifted this year to 18 pounds instead of 6.9 pounds. That imports were reduced by 20% due to the increase in the customs dollar.

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Exchange rate against the Sudanese pound Tuesday, May 7

Foreign currency Sudanese Pound Exchange Rate
American dollar 60 Sudanese pounds
The Saudi Rial 16 Sudanese pounds
United Arab Emirates Dirham 16.43 Sudanese Pounds
Euro Sudanese pounds
British Pound Sudanese 78.60
Egyptian pound Sudanese pounds
The Qatari Rial 16.46 Sudanese pounds

Dollar rate through instant checks

Coin Price
Dollar EGP 70

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