One of the prominent leaders of the General People's Congress has announced its agreement on the Houthi militia and reveals the causes


Sheikh Adel Hussein al-Kummim, a member of the Main Standing Committee of the People's Congress, announced a departure from the al-Houthi militia.

In Al-Kummim's television remarks, he explained that the cause of his disintegration was the destruction caused by the militias during the power period and called on the leaders of the Sanaa collar to improve their position and legitimize while the members of the Houthi coup government sought retirement.
He added that all Yemeni societies led by the Sheikh should soon take a position to move strongly towards the Houthi Group, especially after the exposure to terrorism policy in Yemen.
He called on Yemeni youth and all youth and student leaders who came to the conclusion that the Houthi group chose to lead Yemen's loss of the Yemeni state institutions to prepare for the group that would destroy Yemen if he continued his work on youth. the students are in the first place.
He stressed that "every available opportunity was used with Huthi, which condemned them to lie and continue the war, and this was clear in Iran's position in Yemen and anti-Arabism."


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