Now we're testing up to 50 people on Skype Hangouts


The maximum number of people who can be with you in a video chat on Skype is currently 25, but Microsoft is considering doubling that number. The company is testing to increase the number of Skype video subscribers of a maximum of 25 to 50 people. Please note that this change is only available in the Skype test application.

The Skype application will make audio and video buttons for large groups, allowing attendees to easily enable or disable their webcams and deactivate their microphones. This change will be well accepted by small businesses that regularly rely on Skype's meeting application.

The Microsoft test includes sending notifications to participants who will be part of the video chat in large groups, rather than have Skype ring all members. You will also be able to contact people as soon as the group conversation begins, if they do not respond to the initial notice in a timely manner.

This new feature is currently only available in the Skype test version. It may take some time for this feature to exit the beta to reach all Skype users. Microsoft has not yet informed us exactly when the new maximum number of participants in a video call will be available to all users.


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