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Artagarl 142, the Artegrel resurrection series, which began the first show episodes of the first season in 2014 is one of the most popular serials that received great popularity and welcome by the followers, and although it is a Turkish series, but has become a wide audience in the Arab world. This is due to the wide public broadcast of the Argerellal Resurrection series for a number of reasons, perhaps the most important of which is that it focuses on the values ​​that are lacking for many in the Arab world, speaks of a strong leader who leads many battles and battles, despite the small number of soldiers and lack of equipment. They hold the power of faith in their cause.

Artagirl 142

The latest episode of the Artgrel series 142 and the Arab public eagerly await the new episode of the Artgrel series. The last episode ended at a critical point: the siege of Arjergal, one of the Mongol leaders, when Arthur wanted to take over Morgan, from his hand, and despite of his success in this, will not pass peacefully, Artagarl and his two soldiers were besieged and could not escape or confront themselves. Can Artgrel escape from Alingak? And how will he do it? Where was the commander of the warriors? Why did not he come to save Artgrel? Will Artgrel Bamsey be punished for this failure to remove him from his position as leader of the warriors? Especially since he was the reason for a short time in the injury of Jundoz son Artegrel.

The events of the previous episode of the series Artegril resurrection

Several events occurred during the last episode of Artgerel's resurrection. After Pacey was rescued from the siege of Allengac and his soldiers, Pamesy recovered and returned to rescue Artigarl and he from the clutches of Alingac. But did not pass peacefully, he came in Amassi after he was injured, "Gunduz" son of Artjrh serious because of a hard blow on the sword by Alingak
Artgerel and his associates returned to the tribe, Artok began to treat Gunduz with his son Artegrel, and as a punishment for Bamsi, Artgrel removed him from the position of "commander of war".
Artegrel went out on some of his soldiers to fight Allengac, the commander of the Tatar armies, and Artgerel set up a trap to sign with Enjak. The plan was successful. Allinglek fell into this trap and was defeated by the soldiers of Artgrel. Here, Artgerel and Allengac met face to face with their swords. He puts his sword around Allingack's neck, and here the episode ends.
What will the next episode bring to Alingak? Will Arraggar will kill him to end his evil and break the thorn of the Mongols that will return him? Or a sword to arrest him to forbid it in exchange for certain gains? This is what will be revealed in episode 142 of Argerel's resurrection.

The Artgrel Part V 142 series

Many of the channels and sites show the new episode of the series Artegral resurrection, perhaps the most important of these sites and the first in the show of the new episode of the series is the site light and you can sign up on the site of light to see all episodes of the series Al Noor is presenting the episode of the Ertagrel series since it was broadcasted on Turkey's TRT channel after its translation with high quality.

It is worth mentioning that the episodes of the series work to raise several important values, especially values ​​of courage and strength, which was available in Artegril Invader, the hero of the resurrection series Artegrel, who was the father of Othman I, the youngest of his children, which remained on the shoulders of the entire Ottoman Empire later. Bahr, especially with its support for a huge production budget, makes a work of art stand out and show high quality, history repeats itself, and Muslims continue to suffer division and treachery and betrayal, and these remain the biggest obstacle to their progress, which is treated dramatically by the dramatic series Artegral 142.

ArtGirl Official Site

Not long ago, a new website was created, which deals only with the ArtGarrell series, and also offers episodes of the series, however, the site remains the only site that offers high quality episodes of ArtGrill in Arabic. Light.

Events of the Artegrel series episode 142

Episode 141 of the resurrection Artgerel relied on many crucial events, where Alingak fell into the clutches of Artegarl after setting a trap for him. He put the sword on Alingac's neck and almost killed him. But in episode 142 he did not kill him, but he threatened to teach whom Albatsi and Artegrel saw in his sleep that he was in the Alaalip castle opened by Sultan Ala Eddin, and shows the father of Sultan Osman Shah Artagar and explain to him that this fortress comes to take our glories, and invites Artegral God to make his offspring on the right track always, This always causes him to take the right from the dark, and does not make it dark And Serma took Hafsa and her children away from the tribe and set a trap for them after Artogirl Bamsi was removed of the army command, but Bamsi managed to save them from the hand of Sarma.

And waiting for a lot of followers of the show Artegral show episode 142 on the Yarmouk channel today, it is worth mentioning that the next episode is 143 from the Artegrel series.

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