News Morocco / Hepatitis The Ministry of Health is committed to ensuring the availability of the most effective medicines


The Ministry of Health has committed to ensuring the availability of the safest, most effective and affordable therapeutic drugs in the field of vision to eliminate viral hepatitis. "In a press release after the publication of an article in one of the national media about the "favoritism" or "prejudice" of some pharmaceutical companies marketing the hepatitis C virus, the ministry said "local manufacturing and marketing of molecules." New anti-virus drug for EC (S) treatment in Morocco, including Sophospeffer since 2015, and Ducatelaservir since 2016, translate into the unequivocal commitment of the Ministry of Health to ensure the availability of the safest, most effective and affordable therapeutic drugs in the field of vision to eliminate the hepatitis C virus) By the year 2030. "The treatment of dual treatment with Sophospeffer and Daklatasvir occurs in all types of hepatitis C virus where the price of three months of treatment (public sale price) is about 13,500 dirhams or 13,647 dirhams. "He noted that the new combination of Sophospeffer and Pilferasfer was licensed in March 2019. It is characterized by the same effectiveness of the first structure, noting that the ministry is in the process of studying the brand to be displayed on the market. In order to provide the best treatment protocols for the Moroccan citizen, who are the most compatible with all genotypes of the hepatitis C virus in Morocco, which are suitable for those at risk of infection, the Ministry of Health's Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control Therapeutic Protocols, with the support of the National Technical Combat Committee to Viral Hepatitis and in parallel to the commercialization of antiviral molecules. The statement also noted that the recommendations of the technical committee of specialists in viral hepatitis C control were far from all commercial considerations. In parallel, the same source notes that in order to obtain more reliable epidemiological data on the severity of viral hepatitis in Morocco, the Ministry of Health, with the support of the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund, is carrying out a national survey on the number of cases of viral hepatitis. He concluded that the results of this research will allow a better targeting of the interventions programmed under the National Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program, clicking here to read the news from its source.


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