News 24 "Rent": the Lessor will not have the right to authorize the contract before its expiration or to increase the value of the rent during the term of the contract


Vacation RentalsThe "Rent" network is interested in organizing and improving the rental of real estate, providing a rental experience that preserves the rights of the parties in the rental process and facilitates the relationship between them through a unified contract.

To ensure the preservation of rights, the standard contract provides that a real estate agent is not entitled to receive payment of the offer if the contract is automatically renewed.

The contract also provides that the lessor may not open the contract before its expiration date without the lessee's consent, nor has the right to increase the rent amount during the term of the contract.

"Rent" is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Housing, and licensed real estate agents were required to document their leases in February last year.

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