News 24 For the third time .. "Victory" announce the calendar for the election of the Governing Council of the ECB


Al-Nasr announces election program for third termAfter the Board of Directors of former club Al-Nasr retired from running for president of the club during the next period, the General Assembly on Wednesday, announcement of the calendar for the election of the President and members of the Board of Directors by the third turn.

The club's general assembly closed on Tuesday night, the second period of candidacy, with no one to take command of the presidential victory, despite the agreement on the appointment of Abdul Aziz al-Galil to take over the presidency in succession for Saoud at -Suwailem.

The third program, which will run for 5 days, will begin on Sunday, June 23, while the election stages will be held until July 8, which ends with the announcement of the new president.


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