News 24 For the first time, a citizen is punished with a fine and an apology for a racist term against a citizen


Expression pictureThe court in Riyadh issued a decision, the first of its kind, to convict a citizen of the fact that the word "racist" was given to a citizen by the word "Somali" through the social networking site "Twitter".

The details indicate that a citizen filed a lawsuit against a citizen because of a speech he described as "racism" through the social networking site "Twitter," he told her "Somali", according to "Okaz."

The court sentenced the defendant to be punished with a fine of 3,000 rials, to commit the non-repetition and compel him to exclude the tweets and apologize to the claimant for the right in the same account to include the following wording: "I apologize to the defendant for racist term "


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