News 24 "Early warning": Thunderstorms in Riyadh and east. And the dust winds in several areas


Image The Automated Early Warning System of the General Meteorological Authority issued several storm warnings in Riyadh on Friday, as well as continuous winds in several areas.

The system explained that parts of the regions of Riyadh and the east will continue to have thunderstorms accompanied by activity in the windy winds of dust and dust until nine at night.

He pointed out that the Makkah area, specifically Al-Layth, Shu & aybah, Qunfudah and its neighboring parts, will witness activity in the dusty surface winds, which limit horizontal visibility until dusk.

He noted that the Tabuk and northern border areas and the enclave will continue the activity of windy dust and dust bumps that limit horizontal visibility until 8 pm today.


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