News 24 A citizen who breathes his last breath and the Koran in his hands before the prayers of Friday today


ImageThe last breath died before Friday prayers at one of the mosques in the town of Sabat al-Alaya in the province of Balqarn in the Asir region.

Citizen Abdullah Ali al-Harthy (47) carrying his Qur'an and reading the Qur'an inside the mosque waiting for the Imam to ascend the pulpit, and in the meantime, suffered a sudden heart attack, and surprised the believers to save him, but he had died.

According to witnesses who were present at the mosque, some of the faithful were weeping, affected by what they saw before their eyes, regarding their death while reading the Quran inside the mosque and on Friday the signs of good conclusion.

Al-Harithi recited some of his relatives and acquaintances, praising his morals and enumerating some of his exploits. He called on Almighty God to grant him mercy and give his family patience and patience.


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