New rise of the dollar on the black market now


The price of the dollar on Thursday, April 4, 2019 in banks and the black market

The price of the dollar today Thursday April 4, 2019, the price of the dollar today, following the website of Egypt 365 periodic update of the dollar price in Egypt, the dollar today in exchange rates, where the dollar today registered a stability most notably, it is worth noting that the "dollar price" is not witnessing notable changes in the foreign exchange market, given the demand for the dollar as foreign exchange reserves increase.

Alert: To contact us from Google, search for us by word – "price of US $ 365", Important alert Some banks do not work as advertised on Fridays and Saturdays, and some do not continue to run until 9:00 pm, as is customary on all banks. Therefore, we advise you to use the Hotline service to check the banks' working hours: the Hotline of the Egyptian Banks.

Dollar Forecast for 2019.

Dollar rate today

Highest price to buy:

Bank of Abu Dhabi

The price of the dollar today in the black market

The dollar rose during the day to EGP 17.35 for purchase Vs EGP 17.40 for sale.

The Egyptian government has restricted restrictions on black market traders in recent months.

Like a bank Purchase price Sale price
Egypt Iran Development 17.2700 17.3700
Bank of Abu Dhabi 17,2900 17.3800
Egyptian Gulf Bank 17.2800 17.3800
National Bank 17.2600 17.3600
Bank of Al Baraka 17.2800 17.3800
Bank of Alexandria 17.2600 17.3600
African Arab Bank 17.2700 17.3700
central bank 17,2580 17.3910
Bank of Egypt 17.2600 17.3600
BLOM BANK EGYPT 17.2700 17.3700
Credit Agricole 17.2800 17.3800
Bank of Housing and Development 17.2800 17.3800
Bank of Piraeus 17.2800 17.3800
Suez Canal Bank 17.2800 17.3800
United Bank 17.2600 17.3600
International commercial bank 17.2800 17.3800
Egyptian Development of Imports 17.2700 17.3700
Bank of Mashreq 17.2800 17.3800
Arab International Bank 17.2700 17.3700
National Bank of Greece 17.2800 17.3800
HSBC Bank 17.2800 17.3800
Audi bank 17.2800 17.3800
Banco SAIB 17.2600 17.3600

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Dollar Rates Today

The price of the dollar is one of the most important things that the Egyptian citizen is concerned about for various reasons, the most important being the effect of the dollar on all imported goods, as well as the price of petrol and energy with a large group of Egyptians working abroad by transferring funds to their families in Egypt. So let's review today's article through the article, Tuesday dollar prices, on all Egyptian banks with the constant updating of US currency through constant updates, which we transmit to you through our website.

We are sending dollar prices today in Egyptian government banks and also in the black market, and we expect to see movements in the dollar price within the Egyptian banking system, with the expectation of changes in the US dollar exchange rate relative to the US dollar. Egyptian pound. Against the fairy from time to time through the daily updates we transmit to you through the site.

Dollar rate today

The price of the dollar in the Egyptian banks and the black market after the Egyptian bank managed during the past period to manage to reduce the role of the black market after the decision to float the pound where the difference between the dollar in the banks and the dollar in the market black for about 5 piasters.

The price of the dollar depends on the movement of selling and buying or the so-called supply and demand policy, and the Egyptian government seeks to control the Egyptian exchange markets and eliminate black currency trade through public funds, which seeks with all powers possible to watch the movement of the Egyptian forex market AND follow the movement of selling and buying, and work to tackle any irregularity.

Dollar prices have begun to fall on the black market as the central bank has decided to cancel the minimum deposit and withdrawals in foreign currencies, which will lead to the circulation of currency in stock exchanges and banks, making the dollar fall on the black market in Egypt.

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