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Gold price today, Saturday, April 20, 2019 in Egypt, today's gold price in Al-Sagha Stores in Egypt, gold prices today in Egyptian stores Al-Sagha, 21K gold price, 18K gold price, Follow- up on the price of gold in Egypt today The price of gold today includes the prices of all gold bars in addition to the world gold price, the Egyptian pound gold price of 24 pounds and gold prices in dollars.

Gold is the main metal used by people as a way to save money, so a large segment of people around the world are interested in gold news, gold prices and the rise and fall of precious metal.

Let us now convey to you through the article the latest update of the price of gold in Egyptian jewelry today, it is noticeable that there is instability and instability regarding the price of gold in recent times with the fluctuation between high and fall.


In its next report, Egypt 365 offers a table of the latest gold prices in the market, with prices and different changes, whether those changes increase or decrease in the price of gold, and everything that is happening in the gold market every moment, The table is an instant update of the price of gold "18 gauge, 21 gauge, 24 gauge" as well as the price of gold pound, the price of gold ounces.

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The average price of gold today in goldsmiths without manufacturing in Egypt

unity Egyptian pound United States Dollar
24k Gold Prices EGP 706.10 $ 41.05
The price of gold is 22 caliber EGP 647.26 $ 37.62
Gold prices EGP 617.85 $ 35.92
Prices in 18k gold EGP 529.58 $ 30.78
The price of 14 carat gold 411.89 pounds $ 23.94
The price of gold is 12 caliber EGP 353.05 $ 20.52
The price of gold is 9 gauge EGP 264.79 $ 15.39
OZ Gold Prices EGP 21,960 $ 1,277
Gold prices EGP 4,943 $ 287.32
Gold prices EGP 706,097 $ 41,045

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The average price of gold in the last days in Egypt in Egyptian pound

Today Caliber 24 Caliber 21
April 18 706.10 617.85
April 17th 707.24 618.85
April 16 710.98 622.13
April 15th 718.61 628.79
April 14 718.30 628.53
April 13th 716.58 627.02
April 12th 718.53 628.73
11th of April 719.68 629.73
April 10 728.68 637.61
9th April 726.84 636.00
April 8 722.82 632.49
April 7th 720.23 630.22
April 6 719.11 629.24
April 5th 720.07 630.07
April 4 719.87 629.90
April 3 719.46 629.55
April 2nd 720.08 630.09
April 1 718.20 628.44
March 31 720.51 630.46

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The price of gold today in Egypt

Despite the high prices of precious metal and the economic situation experienced by the Egyptian people, there are many customs and traditions that are of interest to the Egyptian people, who do not neglect them, the most important of which is the purchase of gold for marriage purposes. Insurance for many currency changes, many tend to buy and retain precious metal as it constitutes the real value of money, no matter how old.

Price of a gram of gold today

The price of an ounce in the world is about $ 1275, and the price of gold grams is expected to move slightly over the next few hours, and will keep you updated continuously, through constant and instant updates, through article to learn all about the new gold prices today in the stores of all provinces There is stability during the early hours of the morning.

Gold prices today

The price of gold in Egypt is affected by a number of reasons, the most important being the price of the dollar in the banks and the black market, the global price of ounces of gold and the supply and demand situation, which has a direct impact on the determination of the price of grass. , And will identify through the article on the price of gold today.

The price of gold today

Gold prices today In Egypt, Egypt 365 offers a momentary update and follow-up of gold prices in both the goldsmith markets in Egypt and the overall price of gold.

The price of gold in Egypt and the world is determined based on a number of factors including investor trends, the price of the dollar and the existing reserve of gold in central banks. As well as oil prices and the supply and demand situation of the yellow metal.

Gold is a safe haven for many people to keep their holdings of gold and gold metal. The price of gold is determined based on the policy of supply and demand. The price of gold continues to decline today too, after more than three days. 21 and 18 ".


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