"Nadec": Provides green fodder from abroad, after landing in the Kingdom


Riyadh: The National Agricultural Development Association (NADEC) announced that it has completely stopped production of green fodder in Saudi Arabia in accordance with government policy and plans.

In Tadawul's Sunday statement, the company claimed that it would import all of its green fodder needs to landlocked farms in the UK from its own investments in the agricultural project in the Republic of Sudan and several contracts with non-UK suppliers.

He pointed out that any financial impact (if any) of the suspension process would have been announced by the end of 2018 after the assessment of the plant's agricultural plan that is not covered by the suspension procedure.

He also explained that the benefits of agricultural property were transferred to the company's project in the Republic of Sudan.

On Saturday, the Saudi cabinet decided to stop green fodder over 50 hectares.

At the end of August, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia said it was implementing a decision to stop feed production, 21.43 thousand farms were registered in the "log" program since its inception.

The Sunday's session decreased by 1.09% to SAR by 27.10.


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