Thursday , December 5 2019
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Moon Jumada I decorate the sky of the Arab world in a wonderful view with the sunrise

The moon struck the time of the last quadrature, cutting three quarters of its orbit around the Earth during the month.

The Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed in a report that the last square will remain as a witness until Monday afternoon, emphasizing that it would be the most beautiful view of the moon in the sky in conjunction with the beginning of sunrise on Monday with blue sky background in a magnificent view.

The report said that it is known that the moon revolves around the Earth every four weeks and the result is the cycle of phases from the first and the first square to the finished one and then the final and returning to the eraser every 29.5 days. This movement also means that the moon moves quickly through the sky. The next night the moon cuts 13 degrees, and that will make the moon shine and walk late for about an hour every day.

In a few days, the virtual distance between the moon and the sun will decrease in the sky until the moon is on the crescent moon at the end of the month, and the light will be observed just before sunrise, in preparation for the second jade.

The last quadrant, where half the moon and half of it are dark, is the perfect time to observe the lunar surface by telescope or small telescope, because the mountains, craters and others are very clear, especially along the line separating the dark side and the dark side due to the overlap of light and shadows. Three-dimensional is an ideal opportunity for monitoring and imaging.

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