Media blames the death of Raghd Qais .. That's what she said


As news of the death of journalist Raghd Qais Sahib and the founder of the celebrity police website spread, the media surprised Mai al-Aidan, all with his commentary, which was punctuated by some blasphemy, according to some observers, asking God that he would not forgive him.

"The death of Raghd Qais, the celebrity police profile," the Kuwaiti media reported through the fight. "For me, only against me, with honor, honor, fabrication and falsification, I stand before you, Lord, I testify that no, neither am I" He said.

God's command is dead, but what is in me is forcing me to solve one of my crimes and to raise in Kuwait four cases of my reason, God it's my husband".

The comments on the "chopsticks" came, and they asked her to forgive him, God forgave them, while others accused her of being away from humanity and compassion.

A sign that press and art people yesterday heard the words of influential impact on their accounts on the site, "Twitter", where they expressed sadness in their departure, especially after a short time in the departure of activist Amal Hamadeh, who also was famous for communicating sites with his entertaining videos.


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