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Lovers of the series, despite the divorce, The series revolves around the problems of the Gulf family and faces them and works to solve them in different ways and series heroes for a lot of dramatic events that change their lives in drama, and very bad habit of betrayal and separation, Lovers of the series, despite the divorce In remembrance of the serial heroes of their ex-husbands and all the things that were going through the life of things that leave a mark on every woman, the first series of the series was announced on March 30, and we will show the names of the heroes of the series and the dates of return and display and the channel that broadcast the series.

Lovers of the series, despite the divorce

The series has received many insights since the presentation of the first episode of the series, as it discusses many of the issues of Gulf women who are persecuted by society because it is an absolute woman, and the launch Lovers of the series, despite the divorce At that time is in line with women's issues and raise the question of interest in their role in Kuwaiti society, and go back to the history of the series, which disables the role of the divorced woman and the responsibilities she suffers during the divorce also highlights the existence of the governing husband and the protectors of the ruling wife controlling the wife of his son, all these events revolve. Under an interesting Arab series of popular mass heroes the capable artist Noor Kuwait and artist Triumph Al-Sharah, star Suleiman Al-Yasin and other art stars, and followed with us the events of the Kuwaiti series interesting and live social drama and accompany episodes unique to the series.

Lovers Despite Divorce
Lovers Despite Divorce

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Lovers Despite Divorce
Lovers Despite Divorce

Show Serial Dates

The first episodes of lovers despite the divorce through the mbc1 channel space, and displays the series in high quality and no ads from here from Sunday to Thursday, and on dates, to display the first lovers despite the divorce presented on channel mbc1 The first replay will be at 02:00, the second replay of the series will be at 13:00.


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