Saturday , October 23 2021

Let's get back to square one, "two-state solution"


The tides we live in this period on the disastrous century and rejected business by the Arab world and the Palestinian people specifically, the world is completely confused between the amendment or cancellation of the century, which was developed by the United States of America and does not apply to the world Arabic, specifically Palestine.

This situation will bring the world back to what it was in the past. It is the first square of the two-state solution because the century agreement can not be applied to people who strongly reject this unjust American project and its support for close resistance to the Israeli entity and their missiles. In the long term or short term, and other popular ones will not apply any of the dictates external to the State of Palestine or to any other country, and this was evident in the recent period.

In this case it would be a return to the solution of two states, but in strong states or countries, and since America failed to implement this agreement and faced a rejection force in the Middle East that made it recalculate after the American failure to control Iran or prevent it from exporting oil or dominating the Strait of Hormuz, or to prevent it from owning or using any weapon, especially the long-range missiles that Iran has declared on behalf of its leaders.

The Arab world is eager for those days, which bring to the Arabs their ancient history as it was before, after the emergence of forces supporting the Palestinian people as the axis of resistance, and their rejection of the Israeli domination of the region in this humiliating form of the world Arabic. Arab or Palestinian citizen seeking to liberate Palestine and free Jerusalem to remain the eternal capital of Palestine.

If the new American politicians, led by Trump for American or global politics, are represented by the United Nations, which lasted for many years, and the two-state solution between Israel and Palestine, the US began to bow to the will of stronger people than the administration of nations.

The Arab countries are well aware that Israel does not exist in the Arab world, a pariah state that will not last long because of the persecution it faces. Following the failure of US policies in the Middle East recently.

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