League of Arab States sets conditions for the return of "Syrian membership"


The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Hossam Zaki, said Syria's return to the League of Arab States was linked to member states' view of the Syrian regime's position in the political settlement and relations with Iran.

Zaki's statement came Wednesday, in the margins of the meeting of delegates and senior officials, in preparation for the 30th Arab summit in Tunis.

Asked if Syria would return to the Arab League, Zaki said: "If there is a consensus that the regime in Syria can return to headquarters, this will be achieved.

He noted that "the absence of consensus or its existence is linked to the views of states regarding the position of the Syrian regime, regarding the political agreement and the relationship with Iran, and the like."

When asked whether a party could include the item in Syria's return, he said that "things will not be dealt with in this way," noting that "the Syrian crisis is on the agenda, and there are decisions in that regard."

The Egyptian diplomat said that the recent American recognition of Israel's annexation of the Occupied Golan would be one of the most important issues to be discussed at the summit.

Palestine .. Occupation Responsibilities

On the other hand, Zaki said that there is a responsibility of the international community for the financial crisis of the Palestinian Authority, that happened because of the behavior of the Israeli occupation, pointing out that this subject has many dimensions and some complications.

"It is not the responsibility of the Arab countries alone to assume the burden of responsibility. There is an international community with great responsibilities and, above all, there is a great responsibility for the occupying power under international law and relevant UN resolutions."

"So it is not easy to say that the Arabs have money and have to pay, but the point is that there are parties that have legal responsibility to force them to pay the Palestinian Authority."

"However, the Arab countries are doing their part and fulfilling their obligations to support the Palestinian Authority's budget periodically."

He stressed that the current conditions impose on the Authority the need for more funds to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, noting that "the financial situation can not be resolved by paying a check from here or there," according to Sky News.

"There are measures taken by the Israeli occupation authority over the seizure of Palestinian tax funds. The Palestinian Authority opposes these procedures in a very marked way and has every right to do so," he said.


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