Sunday , April 18 2021

Khaled Salim confirms that he personifies the role of an introverted person in "Atenin in one"

Khaled Salim said that he is waiting for the series "Doors of Doubt" during the next period through the screens of open satellite channels, noting that the series will be a milestone in his artistic life, as it is a differentiated work of all technical aspects

He explained to the "Lifestyle" that he will present his role to the public completely different from all previous work in a way that will amaze everyone.

It is noteworthy that the series "Doors of Doubt", starring Khaled Selim and Al-Khamesi, Ahmed Salah Husni, Tamer Shaltout, Nabil Issa, Aisha Bin Ahmed, Jihan Khalil, Abdel Rahman Abuzahra, Tariq Sabri and Mayar Al-Ghaiti. Ahmed Samir Farag.

Salim said he finished filming "Etneen in One" and is awaiting scenes of the film roles during the next period. Khaled is represented by a shy and introverted young man who has a problem in dealing with society and because of that his life changes 180 degrees.

The film "Atenin in One" is co-starring Khaled Selim, Lotfi Labib, Mohammad Reza, Dr. Sana Shafe, Mai Al-Qadi and Shiri Awad, composed by Mahmoud Hassan Abdel-Alim, producer of Ahmed Abdul Aziz, produced by Ashraf Abdel Aziz, led by Dr. Wael El Roumi

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