Karika's first response to an artist accusing him of sexual abuse


In the first response to artist Issam Karika, Algerian actress and singer Yasmine Nayar accused him of insulting her and harassing her, Karika denied the allegations, stating his lies.

In a video posted on YouTube, Karika said a word, said she would take $ 5,000 from her "belly" and that he would not turn to the press and the press would call her after sending the report to reporters threatening to retaliate. Biggest lawyer in Egypt.

Algerian artist Yasmine Nayar announced that she was threatened with murder and sexual harassment by artist Issam Karika, who was murdered by the president of Abdel Fattah Sisi and the head of the musical professions Hani Shaker.

"I was subjected to injustice by Issam Karika and another senior official on the Egyptian art scene and I will not be able to name him now, but I will reveal it after the investigations are done," she said in a video.

She added: "Issam Karika asked me a high sum of up to 8 thousand dollars for a song, and received money and did not give me and harassed me and resorted to our destinies in Egypt did not do justice to me and I attacked and I want all the artists were harassed to include their voice in my voice.

"We wanted to do something good and love it from childhood, art without sexual abuse. I had a dream since childhood and wanted to make my mother see me as a star, and it became a thing, but the girl is not a game; she is the mother, sister, wife, grandma, the maid The community invited her to live her life in order to give her the most beautiful and they called the art only by the art and not a door to prostitution " .

"I want justice and Egyptian forces to stay with me and hear my story and do justice to me. If I am oppressed, oppressed and oppressed so much in Egypt, I know that the Egyptians are missing my children," she said. A large Egyptian audience whom I greet and all the Republicans in the Arab world stand beside me and support me. "


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