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Citizen – Khalid Al Ahmad

The Al-Aflaj Province Education Department has stated that it needs to fill several vacancies in the user lists and salary item under the following conditions:

– The candidate must be a Saudi citizen.

– The academic qualification must not exceed the certificate of the secondary school.

– Ability to perform tasks and job responsibilities.

– The candidate must be at least 25 years of age for boys 'schools and 35 years for girls' schools, and his wife should be accompanied by him in the consultation.

– For drivers' jobs, the applicant must be under (35) years of age, have valid driver's license and his wife be sick with him in the consultation.

– The candidate must be enrolled in the "Help" program of the Ministry of Public Service.

– The candidate must have good conduct and has never been convicted in a case involving dishonesty and honesty.

– The candidate should not be retired from a job or government social insurance.

– The residence of the applicant must be in the workplace and attach proof of this.

– Pass the personal interview after the interview date by the committee.

– The candidate must pass the medical examination that proves his aptitude for the job.

The administration explained that the request will be for a period of (7 days) from the date of 1440/2/27H to 1440/3 / 3H, calling for those who have the wish and conditions apply. Submission through the following link:On here)

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