IPhone 2020 supports fifth generation networks


Apple plans to support fifth-generation 5G networks on advanced versions of the iPhone by 2020, according to Ming-Chi Ku, author of Apple's most famous and most accurate product leaks.

Koo has published Roadmap 2020 and further, stating that all versions of the iPhone – launched in 2021 – will support fifth-generation networks.

The KO report is in line with recent rumors that Apple should delay 5G support by 2020, making it far behind its Android phone equivalents, which have already released phones that support technology like Samsung, Huawei and others.

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Apple's eagerness to support fifth generation networks on iPhone phones is widely believed to be the main reason for reaching an agreement with Qualcomm after major legal battles in more than one country. However, Kuo believes that the company plans to start manufacturing its own chips that support 5G networks in 2022 and 2023, as the company seeks to be independent of other companies that manufacture its hardware.

According to the Koo report, Apple plans to continue to launch three models of iPhone phones by 2020, offering the smallest OLED screen 5.4 inches, and the largest will provide an OLED screen, but the size of 6.7 inches. In between, the screen will come in 6.1 inches.

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