Introducing the first smartphone with a "rotating camera"


In a revolutionary development of mobile phones for the first time, Asus, a Taiwanese company, announced on Wednesday the launch of a 6Z camera with a rotating camera, amid the anticipation of its performance and image advantages.
According to technical reports, the phone, announced in India, is a modified version of the phone "Zain iPhone sex" and the most important feature of the "backlit camera."
One of the advantages of this camera is that it allows the user to remove it and turn it into a front camera, and then it can be used to capture high quality silvi images and wide panoramic angles, according to Sky News.
In addition, the Smartphone was equipped with the Snape Dragon (855 SoC) processor, random access memory was improved to 8 GB and the battery capacity was 5000 mAH.

The phone screen came without any bump, meaning that occupy the entire front of the device is a "full-HD +", but the price of the device will vary depending on the storage capacity.
The new camera resolution on the new phone is 48 megapixels, along with a secondary 13-megapixel lens.


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