Injectable solution .. Treatment of liver tumors without surgery



Al Ain News Omnia Talal

Thursday, 2016/06/20 12:32 AM Time in Abu Dhabi

Science allows the treatment of liver tumors in innovative ways without surgery

Science allows the treatment of liver tumors in innovative ways without surgery

Many people fear surgery and general anesthesia, which makes it a bit difficult, but there are new and innovative ways to move away from surgery and total anesthesia.

The most recent of these innovations was the treatment of tumors in the liver without surgery through the use of chemical injection and thermocouple.

In this context, Dr. Ahmed Sami, Consultant of Interventional Radiology, has warned of cirrhosis caused by the "C" virus, saying that it is the leading cause of liver cancer in Egypt.

Sami explained that liver tumors increased at a time when the surgery failed to prevent the disease, stating that the proportion of tumors can not exceed 10% of the surgery.

"The development of liver transplant surgery has opened the doors for the treatment of the dreaded disease, but the limited number of patients using this treatment, in addition to its high cost, has made its role very limited, so there must be a solution available and effective treatment that can benefit the largest number of patients. " .

Sami pointed to some signs that indicate the incidence of liver cancer as follows:

– Under weight.

– General weakness and tiredness with idleness.

Loss of appetite.

Pain in the upper abdomen.

– Yellowing of the body and eyeball.

– nausea and vomiting.

– high temperature.

He said there are five ways to treat liver tumors without surgery depends mainly on injections, and does not require the patient to surgery:

– Frequency of heat or "microwave":

Treatment is done by direct tingling with a small needle through a hole not greater than 2 mm under ultrasound or CT guidance, to kill tumor cells under local anesthesia without any surgical incision, and is suitable for tumors smaller than 5 cm.

– catheterization:

In the case of catheterization, a catheter of the femoral artery is inserted into the artery of the liver under the direction of the radiator and then a mixture of limited doses of chemicals is injected into the artery leading to the tumor and thereafter closes the artery, to control tumor activity. This is done in one or two sessions.

– Alcohol Injection:

Alcohol injection is based on direct tingling with a fine needle for tumor cell analysis, and is suitable for tumors smaller than 2 cm.

– Smart Grain Injection:

Smart grain injection is based on the use of microscales and has the ability to absorb and retain chemicals for several weeks, even when injecting granules into the catheter is the secretion of these products in a regular and intensive manner, which does not allow leakage of chemicals in the blood Liver in excess.

– Injection of radioactive materials:

It has the advantage of dealing with complex tumors or those accompanied by a portal vein obstruction, and patients are selected to have a particular standard dish.

– Mixing these methods:

For example, injecting a catheter into a 7-cm large tumor, with the goal of reducing it and then killing it by thermal frequency or vice versa, as tumor cells are also eliminated by the thermal frequency and receive a booster dose of chemicals limited by catheterization.


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