Huawei unveils its P6 and P30 Pro with unprecedented imaging capabilities


Dual recording of video monitors and approximation of up to 50 times … Colors rich in conditions of low luminosity via matrix of quad quad cameras

Huawei has unveiled its latest version of the Huawei P series, which offers highly advanced imaging features in stylish design. The company introduced the P30 and P30 Pro phones at a conference held in Paris on March 26 with the presence of the Middle East. The two phones are expected to be among the best in 2019 and a range of accessories.

Both phones offer advanced picture features, including up to 50 times image zoom, dual recording of near and far video presentations at the same time and night recording in rich color. The P30 Pro uses a backup camera array (top-down), a 20-megapixel wide-angle camera, 20-megapixel main features and 20 megapixels, and a third to magnify the image up to 5 times visually and support image stabilization ( 50 times) to obtain a hybrid approximation of up to 10 times without losing any details of the image after it has been rounded. The phone also provides a special sensor to measure the dimension of the elements and the target target separated from the background very precisely and clearly so gorgeous that parts of someone's hair will be clear in comparison to the surrounding background.

The front-facing self-portrait camera, Sylvie, has 32 megapixels and supports HDR High Dynamic Range imaging and night photography in low light conditions.

The phone can capture pictures that look impossible in low or no light conditions. The company has analyzed the experience of taking pictures of figures in a dark environment in full, to appear on the phone in full color and dazzling lighting can be mistaken for a natural source of light, whether at home or in the external environment. You can also use the sensor after user elements in Augmented Reality AR applications and find digital models of any element selected by the user and easily move them directly from the phone. This technology can measure the dimensions of the elements around the user with ease and accuracy higher than 98.5%.

For filming, the phone offers dual-shot technology that combines close and distant photos and puts them on a single side to record the overall and focus more on something, such as shooting a football game for your child and focusing on it alone Do other side. The industry-leading video editor will help you automatically identify the most important elements in your video and provide tools to add background music and special effects, such as intervals and slow motion, to create compelling video content that you can share with friends and relatives.

Asharq Al-Awsat spoke exclusively to Clement Wong, director of product marketing for Huawei, who said that the phone "uses artificial intelligence techniques to support the display of HDR + images with their stunning colors by drawing an internal map of each image over saturation Colors, and then analyzed in the core of artificial intelligence and modified each section of them with the best possible quality according to many factors, all in one-second parts.

Artificial intelligence can recognize the presence of facets in the image, herbs, sun and sea, and develop color accordingly. Color quality can be enhanced by the new large sensor that replaces green sensors with yellow sensors. Yellow sensors can capture red and green colors, resulting in a 40% increase in light capture compared to red, white it's blue.

We are now moving into the design of a luxurious and stylish phone. The company has removed most of the difference between the screen and the front area for more screen space. The company removed the used headset to listen to the other party while speaking with more room for the screen, where the upper area of ​​the screen will vibrate near the user's ear to clearly hear the other party. This feature means that the sound of the second participant will not be heard by anyone else around the user, no matter how loud the sound is, while maintaining a clear and clear voice for the user while speaking.

On the screen, it is curved on both sides and has a diameter in the version of the "B30 Pro" 6.47 inches, which displays the image at 1080×2340 pixels, and provides an integrated fingerprint sensor behind the screen in the lower region runs faster that the sensor of the phone "Mait 20 Pro" Cent. The phone uses the advanced Kerin 980 processor with two artificial nerve processing units with 8 GB of memory and 128 to 512 GB of storage. The phone supports Huawei's Nano Memory which is up to 256 GB, according to version, it supports high-speed charging with its 40-watt charger that charges 70% of the phone's 4200 mAh battery in just 30 minutes, with a 15-watt wireless charging cradle and support for reverse charging for charging accessories And other phones that support wireless charging technology This technique Ih use the phone intensively for more than a full day without having to charge the battery again.

For the B30, it is similar to its older brother, but its diameter is 6.1 inches, its battery charge is 3650 mAh, with 22.5 watts of fast charge bracket and support IP53 for water and dust resistance , but offers top-level headset and headset Triple-matrix standard for cameras.

EMUI 9.1 provides the EROFS file system with the goal of significantly increasing the readability of storage memory while supporting Huawei Share OneHop technology to share files between the phone and the company's laptops as soon as the phone is passed in a specific area the computer. The two systems also have a special cooling system that allows them to cool the heat efficiently and effectively, even in cases of intensive use. Both phones also have advanced wireless connectivity features, support the use of two phones at the same time, and support audio quality upgrades through Dual VoLTE technology.

The two phones are available in glossy, black, red, pearl white and black and will be launched by the company in the Arab region on April 11 with 6 GB of memory and 128 GB of integrated storage for the P30 and priced at 799 Euros (8GB of memory) and 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB of storage capacity for the P30 Pro at prices ranging from € 999 to € 1249 (prices may change when the phone is launched in the Arab region) with a memory version 6 GB and 128 GB of integrated storage for the P30 Pro Lite And the price will reveal it soon.

The company will also launch the B-30 Light, which features the Sylvie 32-megapixel self-image camera, which supports beauty effects based on artificial intelligence technology. The phone offers a triple camera with 24 megapixel wide-angle lens with 8 megapixels for ultra-wide-angle photography and finally a 2-megapixel lens. The phone also offers 4 GB of working memory, 128 GB of internal storage and a 6.15-inch screen. The front area glass is curved and of low thickness, available in black, white, pearl and blue colors.

– Smart watch and new accessories

The company has also released two versions of its Huawei Watch Active and Smart GT which offers a long battery life in a sleek and easy to use design, as well as Huawei's "Huawei" The freeLace wireless network, which can be charged for 5 minutes to work for 4 hours, or can work for 18 hours after fully charged, can be sent directly from the phone. He also unveiled a low-cost version of his FreeBuds Lite "FreeBuds Lite" wireless headset.

The company also unveiled a new battery of 12,000 mAh with 40 watt charge capacity as well as the unveiling of Monster Gentle's EyeWear, which features built-in speakers and built-in microphones for on-the-go conversations and ability. To answer calls only by double-clicking on your side, it looks more like glasses than technicians, which makes it easier to use.


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