Huawei to win over all competitors in the phone market!


Huawei to win over all competitors in the phone market!

In figures showing strong signals from the smart phone market in the world, sales of these Huawei phones surpassed those of US rival Apple in the first quarter of this year, ranking second overall in the smartphone market, led by Samsung, A company reported .

Worldwide, 310.8 million smartphones shipped in the first three months of the year, down 6.6 percent from the same period in 2018, according to preliminary data from China's International Data Corporation.

This means that global shipments of smartphones will decline for the sixth consecutive quarter, the company said.

The results are an indication that 2019 will be a new year of total decline in shipments of smart phones, except for the strong growth of Huawei.

"It's becoming increasingly clear that Huawei is focusing heavily on improving its position in the world of mobile telephony, powered by smartphones," said Ryan Reith, manager of mobile software at Ryan Data.

"The challenges are still facing the smartphone market in almost every area, but Huawei has managed to increase shipments by 50%," he said.

Samsung's new shipments of smartphones in South Korea fell 8.1 percent to 71.9 million in the first quarter.

Huawei reported a growth rate of 50.3 percent, with 59.1 million smartphones, putting it at "very close" distance from Samsung, according to the International Data Company.

The company noted that Apple faced challenges in the first quarter, with iPhone shipments falling 30.2% over the previous year to 36.4 million units sold.

The company said that China's price cuts and offers were not enough to persuade people to buy new phones for the iPhone.

Apple posted better-than-expected fourth-quarter financial results, while profit from services helped offset the decline in iPhone sales.

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