How does your body provide water in a healthy way?


Water is the elixir of life for man, and the body must be constantly supplied to survive, but what is the amount of water needed daily? What are the healthiest liquids?

The German Diet Association explained that water is of great importance to the human body, is an essential component of cells and body fluids, regulates body temperature and transport nutrients and also removes toxins from the body in the urine.

The adult should drink 1.5 liter of water a day, she said, noting that the body may need more than this, for example in the case of high temperatures or extreme cold, as well as in the incidence of fever, vomiting and diarrhea , and needs The body also has more fluid in case of heavy physical work or exercise.

German nutritionist Zilke Restmaire explained that thirsty and thirsty drinks that are satiated well are water, herbal tea, unsweetened fruit and juice diluted with water, taking into account that they are distributed throughout the day to supply body with the necessary fluids.

Beware of sugar-sweetened fruit juices

In turn, German therapeutic nutritionist Monica Bischoff has warned of the proliferation of sugar-sweetened fruit juices where the body is supplied in large quantities. For example, a bottle of soda contains 27 grams of sugar per 250 milliliters, which equals to 7 sugar cubes in a glass.

Bischoff said that providing sugars with high and frequent rate paves the way to weight gain, obesity and other diseases associated with type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and drinking soda often increases the risk of tooth decay, so Bischoff Soda does not represent a drink to satisfy thirst.

German nutrition expert Zilke Schwartau that unsweetened drinks (Zero(Or light containing sugar)LightDoes not contain sugar or calories, but contains sweeteners that have an adverse effect on intestinal bacteria if consumed excessively.

She added that green tea, black tea and coffee are all beverages that provide water to the body as long as they do not contain sugar, but at the same time do not replace it.

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