Home Remedies for Sore Throat in Children


The child's complaint of sore throat is common and is usually accompanied by dryness and difficulty swallowing, even when drinking liquids. Cold sore, tonsillitis and tonsillitis are associated, and the condition can be determined by the observation of associated symptoms such as fever, redness of the neck, mouth or bad breath.

For the treatment of sore throat in children:

* Wash with water and salt. Despite the simplicity of this treatment used by the grandparents, the salt has the ability to eliminate sore throat and facilitate swallowing.

During treatment, give your child liquid to avoid dehydration. Eating chicken, vegetables and herbal tea, such as ginger and basil, will help relieve inflammation and aches.

* Oral hygiene helps to shorten the period of sore throat. Gently brush your teeth and wipe gums and tongue.


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