He went on to create "closed grocery stores" that are not committed to nationalization


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The General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is created to include entrepreneurs of both sexes in stores that are proven in the commercial hideout department, and to be rehabilitated and delivered to those who have undergone training in the retail industry.
Afnan Al Babtain, director of the Women's Entrepreneurship Department, said that replacing shopkeepers with stores that cover their work will begin with the "small grocery store" being prepared to be modern. New women's business.
According to Al-Eqtisadiya, the strategy of locating the retail sector targets small and medium-sized companies such as auto parts, food and beverages, as well as service activities, noting that Saudi Arabia is the second largest in the world to employ this sector .

This article is intended to create "closed grocery stores" that are not committed to the nationalization of entrepreneurs. This article is based on a website that we quote on the website of Al-Azhar. It does not reflect the site's policy or the point of view of anyway. The original is the newspaper areas.


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