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Gold prices on Tuesday 30-04-2019 in the gold market a continuous upgrade

We monitor you. Gold prices today Tuesday 30-04-2019 The gold market is constantly updated, where it operates Gold prices in Egypt Economic information is important to a large group of people, it is interesting for those who marry men and women in Egypt, and gold remains a safe haven for many in Egypt and the rest of Arab countries. The economy of many countries is attested The price of gold This decline is the lowest since the beginning of the new year, and the gold market suffered from price instability, it is in the case of daily fluctuation between the increase once and the decline at other times.

Gold prices today
Gold prices today

Gold prices on Tuesday

Witnesses Gold prices in Egypt The case of fluctuation between the increase in times and the decline in other times, prices have stabilized during the day, where the record Price of a gram of gold 21 caliber, which is the most prevalent in the local Egyptian markets, the amount of 612 Egyptian pounds, while the price of the pound of gold today is 4979 Egyptian pounds.

CaliberPrice in Egypt without manufacturing
Price in USD
Caliber 24
699.81$ 41
643$ 37
Caliber 21
612.63$ 36
Caliber 18
524.86$ 30
409$ 24
Gold pound4979$ 287
Golden oz_____$ 1,279
Kg gold699,870____

The price of gold today in the jeweler's stores

The average price of fabrication and stamping in the jeweler's stores ranges from 50 to 65 pounds, depending on the type of gauge Gold As well as different stores of the sagha from one province to another and from one merchant to another, which is mainly a percentage of 7 to 10% of the price of a gram of gold, can testify Gold prices There is a certain disparity from one dealer to another, while in goldsmith shops there is discernible disparity because prices are tied to the world price, and that difference generally does not affect the final price of grams.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Egypt

Changes are due to movement Gold prices For a number of local and global factors, including the dollar price of banks and the black market, also the case of supply and demand in the buying market and the price of ounces of gold globally, such as dollar volatility and instability, lead to changes Gold prices If they increase or decrease significantly, but usually change Gold prices Affected by the change in prices globally.

Gold price outlook for the next period

The price is expected to move due to the coming of Ramadan and after the Eid al-Fitr and the many occasions of engagement and marriage, which leads to the movement of the price of gold. The increase in the price of gold should range from 20 to 35 pounds per gram of gold.

We appreciate your comments on your expectations about what might happen in Gold prices In the next days.

  • The price of gold today in Egypt Wednesday 4/24/2019 21 caliber decline in prices in local and global markets

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