FilGoal | News Youssef Ibrahim "Coutinho" .. Obama translates a happy touch and celebrates "I do not hear you" in front of Ismaili


Youssef Ibrahim hit the "Obama" wing of Zamalek, the Ismaili network hit second in favor of White Knight.

Ismaili faces Zamalek in a postponed summit of the tenth round of the Egyptian championship.

The first half ended with Zamalek's progress with a goal of nothing by substitute Omar Al Said.

With the start of the second half and a great pass from Omar Al-Saeed, Obama was left alone in Ismaili's goal.

Obama fired well against Mohammed Fawzi announcing Zamalek's second goal.

Obama celebrated the "I Do not Hear" score on Felipe Coutinho after his excellent goal against Manchester United.

Coutinho scored David Di Gia's goal for Barcelona's third goal in the quarter-finals of the Champions League to celebrate "I do not hear you" before the Catalan fans.


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