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Thursday January 31, 2019

Books – Assem Al-Ansari:

Google has released a new update for the "Gmail" application through "Android" and "IOS" operating systems, with a new design and a host of other features.

According to the site "9to5google", the application "Gemel" will appear in white, instead of the "red" fashion.

The search field is moved to the left and the profile icon to the right. The navigation option for composing messages has also been changed to exactly the same as in the Web version and moved to the lower right corner.

The new design of the application is characterized by how to distinguish marks and other colors immediately in conversation lists, and display images, documents and other attachments are included directly in the conversation lists for quick access to them.

For the first time, Gmail will have messages with a large red mark for suspicious messages or scams.

The design also offers three new options for displaying the background of the inbox that can be browsed according to the user's desire.

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