Fashion designer Rania Youssef blows a surprise


The designer launched a new surprise about the dress of the artist Rania Youssef Al-Shafaf, who provoked controversy at the Cairo International Film Festival, noting that the dress is not transparent.

He wrote "Bahij" through his account on the social networking site "Facebook": "The dress star Rania Youssef Al Bagali 3 days to ask about this was a crime completed by the team and I have to sue them … 1 – The dress is not transparent 2 – Lih and Vin and Min and Azay because I am a fashion designer my designs is not a requirement to admire any recipient and I do not demand that I be a designer for a specific direction (Hijab or other) 3-p thought the dress is not the problem and comments on this have indicated any need The culture of the people of the Ghawi Slat language and sell it Rochneh and manhood and hood.

He added, "Bahij": 4 – and the idea is not fully accept the idea that the artist is the reason why the simplicity of the first artist to see the text of the Eryan dancers with less what they call Bih is total vulgarity and many people said that it is the cause of the collapse of public taste with them If they are anywhere they can imagine the funny and funny it in people with the intelligence of the nation to descend on the desire of the whole generation Maayrsh Min Muhammad Abdul Wahab or Min Saif thank you for the full extent of the harassment and harassment in your presence too.


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