Even after the Tambi incident, Ober tries to test his car again


AUB has published a recent safety assessment report on its stand-alone cars in an attempt to persuade authorities to give the green light to test their self-propelled vehicles on public roads again.

The company suspended all self-steering experiments in March after a fatal accident in the city of Tempe, Arizona, killed one of the pedestrians.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the driver's program was discovered at Uber Infantry before 6 seconds of shock. Unfortunately, the emergency brake was not activated until 1.3 seconds with a driver in the car.

Ober has to do more to get the delegation letter from the DOT. If this happens, a private company will monitor the safety of back-up drivers while driving and will set limits on the hours they can work each day.

He also modified his own self-promotion platform to detect things and people faster and act more quickly. The internal audit determined that the company should improve the overall design of its software.

If she gets permission to start the test again, Ober said she would put two drivers in the front seats instead of one, and activate the automatic braking system at all times to avoid a similar incident.


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