EGYPT: Official statement accuses Mohammad Ramadan of being "more dangerous than terrorism"


EGYPT: Official statement accuses Mohammad Ramadan of being

Source: Sayed Eltmawy – Launching News

An Egyptian lawyer has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office in which he described Mohammad Ramadan as "the most dangerous threat to the terrorism and drug society." He did what he did at his last concert after appearing onstage with thousands of people dancing and rocking.

Egyptian lawyer Dr. Samir Sabri said in his statement that "the artist Mohammed Ramadan appeared during his concert at the theater of Al-Manara Square in the fifth assembly naked for many paragraphs of the ceremony," adding that "all those who were in the ceremony men and women kept swinging and dancing in the melodies. " Songs noisy and falling, "as he said.

Sabri added, "I can not doubt that most of them were not aware of their actions as if the message that the amount of money against him bare dance is from his followers to do what is not appropriate for an artist followed by the masses" .

"This is not the first time he's done this act," he said. "He made many of his songs and his artistic works, which he showed naked and bluntly. Anyone who watches him wants to do what he sees as scenes of beating, murder and burning without being indifferent to him." He said.

"What he does is more dangerous than narcotics, but he is more dangerous to society than terrorist crimes because it contains the content he provides."

Sabri emphasized the need to investigate the communication and refer Mohammed Ramadan to criminal prosecution and that representative trade unions and the musicians' union must take the necessary steps to commit trade union offenses.

Mohammad Ramadan held his first shows in Egypt at Al Manarah Center in the 5th assembly area. The theater, which was specially designed for him, assembled his car, accompanied by several motorcycles, and a recorded video about his relationship with the public .

The festival was attended by a number of stars including Majid Al Masri, his wife, Dina Fuad, producer Mohsen Jaber, Hala Shiha, Angie Khattab, Amy Talat Zakaria and others.


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