E-therapy can help relieve insomnia


E-therapy can help relieve insomnia

Train patients to overcome the associated factors

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Older people suffer from insomnia

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The symptoms of people suffering from insomnia and receiving cognitive therapy online may be more reduced than just tips to improve sleep, according to a recent experience.
On the Internet, the researchers randomly selected 1700 patients with insomnia either for cognitive-behavioral therapy or by teaching healthy sleep habits and behaviors aimed at improving normal sleep time and encouraging avoidance of substances such as caffeine and alcohol that could affect sleep. sleep, Reuters reported.
The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group used a program called Slipio and its associated IOS application, which offers 20-minute treatment sessions that people can receive for up to 12 weeks.
Patients reported an improvement in insomnia symptoms four, eight or 24 weeks after receiving cognitive-behavioral therapy over the internet than they had learned healthy sleep habits, said the research team of the journal Gama Psychiatric Review. "This new study suggests that digital cognitive-behavioral therapy can help people suffering from insomnia not only to sleep better but also to have a healthier and better quality of life," said lead author Colin Esby, co-founder of Big Health, who developed the Sleepy program. "It also highlights previous findings that sleep contributes to improved mental health," he said in an e-mail.
Cognitive behavioral therapy can train patients in ways that overcome the mental (or cognitive) factors associated with insomnia, such as brainstorming, anxiety, and other negative emotions that often accompany their inability to sleep.
Previous research has shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy can also help people with sleep disorders to follow a healthy sleep routine and improve their standards.




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