Do you have a game of poppy?


Saudi Arabia swept through social networking sites to prevent the unknown player's battlefield, or the so-called "bopji". The # Awqoobbaji campaign topped the list of most widespread Hachtagat in the kingdom, with more than 15,000 entries ranging from supporters and opponents to Hahtaghag.

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What is a bopji game?

The game is a multi-battle involving players from different parts of the world online.

In each game, 100 players landed on a map with various weapons and weapons and then fought each other until everyone died and one person or team survived.

The duration of the game may be more than half an hour.

The game is scattered in Saudi Arabia, the most popular games of the Google App Store and the second in the App Store iOS .

Egypt and Iraq have seen cases of teenage deaths and divorce between couples because of gambling, prompting clerics to issue a fatwa.

Personal Status

Boubaji is one of the most addictive electronic games in the world, its players spend long hours every day and are very affected.

Bobji set a new record with more than 30 million users per day.

"My life changed when I started playing this game, I do not sleep much and sometimes I run away from work to play," he said in connection with a gambling addict who asked not to be identified.

"I did not try to get away from the game because just thinking about getting away from it bothers me, I spend most of my time playing."

Medical diagnostic

Bobji's game is one of the most exciting fighting games.

Some studies suggest that it is beneficial to the brain, while other studies suggest that it increases insulation.

Kuwaiti psychiatrist Haya al-Mutairi told the BBC: "The gap between parents and children and modern education is the reason for easy access to this kind of gambling and addiction."

She added, "I do not think gambling is the reason for separating a number of couples, but the nature of the marital relationship between partners is leading to divorce."

"This is a new type of addiction that is very much like addiction to shopping, gambling and drugs," Huda said. "It begins with attention and if a person gives him much of his thought and his time he becomes addicted"

"All types of addiction drain people and create a lot of problems, and the person who is addicted to the social environment and contributes significantly to stop development, growth and maturity and depends on the life of something superficial does not lead to the development of mental abilities, emotional and physical and even health. "

Opponents of the game

Returning to social networking sites, Hishtag # Awqo_bubji advocates considered the game to keep the addict away from their religion, family, and job.

Game Supporters

On the other hand, some have considered that the Boubaji is not a waste of time, but wisdom.

"The first thing to play is to get down without the baby clothes, the first thing the mother will respond to, and if you have to live, you need to fight and collect weapons and fight for survival.The group continues with you playing with your family, Surely they are the first bond, the zoon is the age, everything that escapes, and if you do not die, you will not leave, and when you die, you will leave and you will have a box in which all your belongings, weapons and your age will be collected.


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