Discover the foods that help to renew stem cells


The body uses stem cells or "replacement cells" to replace damaged, old, or deformed cells with renewable cells, and because they have a renewable function, increased interest in them has recently begun.

It is not surprising that stem cells are vital to the role of antiaging drugs, but their benefits are far more, from healthy hearts to beautiful skin and the ability to lead us to a healthy old age.

How can these cells be increased?

There are some natural ways to increase stem cell production, according to Fawzia Jarad nutritionist, using types of food and a healthy diet that the person usually takes. Considering food as a medicine plays a major role in regeneration pathways.

Reducing caloric intake without malnutrition improves people's health Calorie restriction can work, at least in part, by maintaining the functions of stem cells so that cells can self-renew themselves, able to develop. specific organ cells. The integration of certain foods into the daily diet is also a good start to promote stem cell growth.

What foods work in the regeneration of stem cells?

Grape, red berries and blackberries provide powerful antioxidants, which is excellent for reducing oxidative stress, a key factor in supporting liver and preventing joint pain, and raspberries rich in flavonoids that reduce inflammation and repair cell damage.


Broccoli is a sulfate-rich cruciferous vegetable, a chemical that increases enzymes in the liver, which in turn eliminates the harmful toxins we breathe, so that all cruciferous vegetables are filled with a single molecule called endol-3 carbenol that reduces the inflammatory factors in the blood.

For fatty fish and seafood, they are essential to contain the ecosabantenoic acid, a powerful anti-inflammatory type. Fish oils can act anti-inflammatory.

Nuts and seeds come as healthy snacks, contain fats and proteins and a high proportion of alpha-linolenic acid, a type of anti-inflammatory fat to contain omega-3, and contain plant sterols known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

According to locusts, these are the nutrients known to help protect liver cells from damage by detoxifying them. Keeping liver detoxification is critical in the fight against inflammation because that is where the body filters the blood from toxins and destroys the hormones.

She mentioned the importance of integrating these foods into the daily diet in order to obtain complete nutrition and constant regeneration of the cells.

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Stem cells are key to harnessing power in old age

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