Dima Biya lost confidence in men after betrayal – Video


Syrian actress Dima Biya, a guest of the We Eated program, presented her Syrian colleague on behalf of Yakhour, whose program reaches a high audience rate on the Syrian channel "We" and received many stars from Syria, as well as Sam Sabbagh and Hisham Haddad of Lebanon.

As for the publication of the episode bromo, and asked if she lost confidence in men, and intended after the betrayal she experienced because of her free Tim Hassan and the Syrian actress Nisreen Tafsh, who betrayed her confidence and stole her husband, did not know whether she will find the answer or will eat on the disgusting plate.

The episode will be presented on Thursday (Lena), and Dima will talk about more details, her current marriage to Ahmed El Helou, who supported her during her crisis, her practical life and her realistic program in Sweden.


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