Described by Hamad Qalam as "the most important artist in the Arab world now" … Who is it?


Lebanese actress Nadine Naseeb Najim is the guest of the latest episode of the "Hamad Shaw" show hosted by journalist Hamad Qalam on TV Al Rai.

"This is Nadine Najim's first television interview in Kuwait," Hamed told AFP.

"Hamad Nadine Naseeb Najim, the most important artist in the Arab world, is currently the guest of the last episode of the show. #With ahmed_sho In his first television interview in Kuwait. "

Nadine Naseeb Najim commented on Hamad Qalam's congratulations and expressed her joy at visiting Kuwait: "I am very happy to be with you and happy to be with my lover in Kuwait and Keter is pleased with my visit to Kuwait. a beautiful episode and his admiration and repentance. "

On the other hand, Najim continues filming his scenes in the series "Five and a Text", of Iman al-Said, directed by Philip Asmar, produced by "Sabah Al Ahwan", leader company in Arab world.

The series "Five and one text", starring Nadine N. Najim, Qusay Khuli, Muhammad al-Nahar and others.


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