Damage of two hearts by eating too much gallstones


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Cairo – by Mohamed Salah – Habban or cardamom of the famous spices, which are added to many foods to give a distinct flavor, and despite the benefits of Habban, but excessive consumption can lead to some adverse health effects, in this report we recognize the damage of two hearts, Location "style mania"He said.

Damage of two hearts

Damage of two hearts

Two pills can cause a lot of damage when eating too much

Both can cause allergies

If the two tablets are used for a long time and in large quantities, this can lead to allergies. The sensitivity of the skin known as "contact dermatitis" is a common type of rash that develops due to overuse of the pills. You may also experience some sort of respiratory problems if you consume excessive appetite, allergy symptoms that can occur when excessive intake of the two pills:

– Narrow chest or throat.

Chest pain

Shortness of breath

A respiratory problem.

Harmful effects of allergies
Harmful effects of allergies

Be the gallstones

Excessive consumption of the two pills can lead to gallstones. In some recent studies have revealed that the digestive system often fails to absorb the two grains. This leads to the deposition of the same seeds in our bodies. This process eventually leads to the growth of gallstones. The gallbladder should completely stop eating the pills, and research has shown that eating two pills into the patient's gallstones leads to infection and bleeding.

Some medicines interact with the pills

If you take any of the following types of medicines, stop taking these pills.

– HIV drugs "AIDS"

Anticoagulants or coagulation.

– medicines for the liver.



– Antiplatelet drugs.


– Treatment of stones.

– drugs against irritable bowel syndrome.

Heartburn Benefits Improve Heart Health
Heartburn Benefits Improve Heart Health

Benefits of love

There are many health benefits to treating both pills, but you should pay attention to the treatment without excess, and include the benefits of the two pills:

– Improve the health of the digestive system.

– Improve cardiovascular health.

– Prevention of cancer.

It has diuretic properties.

– Prevention of depression.

– Asthma warrior.

– Appetite improves appetite.

Improves oral health.

– Reduction of high blood pressure.

– Treat the sore throat.

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