Continuous quarantine inspection of travelers from infected countries


Dr. Alla Al-Eid, head of the Preventive Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health and Population, said there is a continuous inspection of all quarantines, air and sea quarantines for travelers from affected countries to avoid epidemics within Egypt in coordination with the World Health Organization and review of epidemiological publications on the health situation. Two states.

He added to the "constitution" that the country's health from the diseases of "Corona – cholera – plague – measles – Lhasa fever – diphtheria – Ebola – Rift valley fever – smallpox", in addition to diseases transmitted disease carriers include " malaria – Dengue fever – yellow fever "with a total of more than 12 infectious diseases.

The head of the preventive medicine sector, who after the health case debate is measuring the temperature remotely by the devices and the transfer of suspected cases of being infected with these diseases to hospitals to take health measures for them, pointing out that there is a building integrated within the Abbasid quarantine quarantine, she had epidemiological symptoms.

He said the health cards of each passenger were released, recorded in the database to complete the health follow-up procedures, and distributed health cards and instructions to passengers.

Dr. Alaa Eid confirmed that all WHO epidemiological publications and recommendations are sent to the provinces where they are distributed to the quarantine departments, which include 38 departments, to take the necessary health procedures for the health regulations for passenger arrivals and matches. " – "post-dated" goods and orders, human and human bodies subject to quarantine procedures and sanitary control of marketed foods and vector control.


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