Colors of the House Belbeis' children bleed a sick heart: «she in the dress of joy»


Despite her young age, a small dream that she would continue to be a bride and wearing a white wedding dress, Adel Adel, 6, revealed her dream to her young classmates who were playing with her in a narrow alleyway in the Belbeis center in Sharkia province. Heart sick and your dream may not come. In a beautiful human scene, the idea was born within the children, and they immediately performed the play, brought a white dress, a skirt, a few plastic flowers tied uncoordinated, and expressed their admiration for "King." They applauded and sang "Who was happy with the children and shared their joy." I was a psychologist and I was engaged, and I wore my dress. I told my friends that we were playing and what they did. Suddenly, I worked hard for a bride. "The words" King "expressed their happiness with the idea.

"Malak": I told them the meaning of Hamut before using it

Not only did the children do it, but they had the "bride" from the first to the last, and took pictures with her to document the moment that supported the "king" morally: "I know I am engaged, and I have heart, but Mabaht in Bali , and I go out to play with my friends on the street, and they were very disciplined to wear the dress and our joy of work ».


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