Causes of Heart Pain When Mourning


Heart pain is often used in various ways to express the various pains experienced by the human being at times, where these pains are sometimes severe and severe, and sometimes only burn, and can move this pain to the neck region and neck and jaw in the hands. Sometimes

There are many problems that result in severe pain in the chest region, and this pain can indicate many problems. Severe acute breathing and we will learn by this article about the most important causes of grieving heart pain and treatment methods easily.

The Most Important Symptoms of Heart Attack

Heart attacks are accompanied by a number of symptoms, the most important being:

1 – feel intense and severe pain in the chest region, besides lack of breathing.

2 – frequent heartbeat.

3 – arrhythmias and heart rate velocity.

4. Irregular heartbeat.

5 – Narrow breathing after exertion.

Causes of Heart Pain When Mourning

It is noteworthy that most people believe that mourning heart pain is due to the psychological condition, but in fact this is not true, as heart pain in Alzal is a medical condition that sometimes leads to serious complications, called this situation, "broken heart syndrome" is a temporary heart condition that occurs often due to exposure to some difficult situations, which is the death of a relative, and may also occur as a result of some serious physical illness or as a result of surgery .

It should be noted that mourning heart pain occurs in the form of sudden chest pain is similar to the pain of acute heart attacks, and the reason for this pain is a temporary interruption of cardiac pumping function, it is noteworthy that the Broken heart occurs as a result of the interaction of the heart with the increase of stress hormones. We note that the symptoms of heart pain can be treated quickly, but they end in a few days without the need for any treatment.

Risk of heart pain in mourning

Heart pain can be very risky in some people, there are some risk factors that accompany broken heart syndrome, the most important being:

1 – Influence on the marital relationship, especially in women, where it leads to the lack of sexual desire and sexual desire in women.

2. Most people with broken heart syndrome are over 50 years old.

3. Psychological disorders such as anxiety and persistent depression.

Difficulty and difficulty perceivable during the respiratory process, especially in case of any effort, even if simple.

Methods of treatment of broken heart syndrome

It is noted that there is no specific treatment for the treatment of broken heart syndrome, and that the treatment is very similar to the treatment of heart attack, and most people in the hospital recover completely, and the most important cardiac drugs used during the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin-blocking agents. Beta, it is known that these drugs are important in reducing heart pressure during recovery time, in addition to preventing the occurrence of various attacks, and then recover completely from the patient in a month or less, and after a period of three to six months depends on the patient Take these medications n However, this should be done according to the instructions of the doctor in charge and under consultation as well.

There is a relationship between pain in the heart and nervous colon

It is noteworthy that the irritable bowel is a serious digestive disorder resulting from this disorder, intense abdominal pain beyond the feeling of continuous swelling, as well as a change in bowel movement and accompanied by diarrhea and constipation sometimes, and sometimes there may be It is very difficult diagnose irritable bowel syndrome because it is similar to other symptoms in some cases, usually accompanied by the feeling of bloating, diarrhea and severe constipation in addition to the occurrence of nervous spasms and severe gas which result in chest pain and shortness of breath .


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