Friday , April 23 2021

Cat bite kills British tourist in Morocco

In relatively few cases, a bite or kiss from a dog or cat infected with deadly bacteria or rabies has killed some strangers or owners of these non-animal animals, especially those who are displaced on the streets, and are infected with many infectious diseases. Streets and public areas are not grafted or cleaned.
UK health officials said on Monday that Britain died of rabies in Morocco after being infected with rabies in Morocco.
British media quoted the Health Ministry as saying the British tourist was present in the Kingdom of Morocco, and found that the reasons for his death have to do with the relationship of an infected cat with prices. British health officials have warned in a statement that all travelers to Morocco and other countries should be cautious when approaching pets, fearing the price and other contagious diseases.
"We urge all British travelers to be vigilant, especially in countries where SARS is prevalent, which poses a threat to their lives," said Mary Ramsey, the department's director of immunization.
The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that rabies is a "zoonotic (animal-to-human) disease caused by a virus." The disease affects pets and wild animals, and moves from animal to human through exposure close to infected substances, usually from saliva, biting or scratching.

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