Because of their refusal to marry them .. Raise the mandate of a citizen to his sisters in Tabuk


The Tabuk Public Court issued an order to remove the jurisdiction of a citizen of his sisters and transfer them to the court after they were found guilty and refused to marry them.

In detail, the two sisters said that their brother, the "big brother", was dead and his father had died. They had reached the amount of women and received a letter and their siblings. The defendant refused for no reason.

The two sisters explained that one of them had never married, and the other had died of her husband, and asked that the state be transferred from the brother of his defendant to the legitimate ruler.

The court requested "evidence" from the two plaintiffs that their claims were valid, and legal evidence showed that the plaintiff suspended them from the marriage.

Thus, the court upheld the defendant's presumption and the decision to transfer the defendant's state to the judge, and the decision was upheld by the appeal.

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